Meet the Team

Meet the sisters

Our Story

Lillie Wild is a family-run flower & pottery business.

We are sisters, Libbie and Millie - together we are “Lillie,” which of course, is also a type of flower. The “Wild” part of our name is a nod to Mother Earth. It’s the energy we create when we work in harmony with nature to make beautiful things for your home. 

Even though we both currently live in the city of Richmond, we were born and raised on our family farm in Mechanicsville, Virginia which is where our flower garden currently resides. The simple act of growing flowers on the land where WE grew up has been the most fulfilling full-circle venture.

We dig the soil, plant the seeds, pick the weeds and water the beds so that beautiful flowers can grow in our garden. Meanwhile, our team of bees are hard at work pollinating and gathering nectar from the blooms in order to make honey inside their hives. We then carefully harvest and bottle the honey and cut the flowers to create beautiful bouquets. It’s a delicate, synchronized process and we work in harmony with the “wild” in order to make it happen.

In between making bouquets, pouring candles and harvesting honey, we are busy molding clay into one-of-a-kind pieces of pottery that are inspired by nature. Our designs are both whimsical and modern and we are constantly dreaming up new creations.  

We strive to have a zero waste policy with our little business and we make choices that protect the health of the environment because we are only as good as the habitat we cultivate. We do this by saving and reusing any plastic seedling trays and eliminating the use of pesticides and harmful chemicals. Any wax collected from the honey extraction process is then used in our hand-poured natural soy and beeswax blended candles. Any flowers that don’t make it into the bouquets are then dried for their seeds or composted back into the soil. Reducing, reusing and giving back to the land whenever possible has been ingrained in us since childhood so intertwining that with our business has been second nature. 

We acquired our love of flowers and gardening from our mother and our grandparents. We contribute our passion, imagination and work-ethic to our father, but our thriftiness, humility and love of nature is a direct outcome of our upbringing. All good things bloom with time and we are excited to see how we grow and change with this business we are building together.